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6 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

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14 Dec 6 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress


With the holiday season upon us, we asked our team to put together a list of tips to help minimize the stress of the season and help stay focused on what really matters. Here’s what they had to say!


Plan – Lists Help!

When I have a lot going on I find it really helpful to make one big to-do list. That way, I’m organized and know that I’m not forgetting things I need to do. And it feels good every time I get to cross something off the list and feel like I’m making progress!

Take Stock of What’s Important

The holidays can often become a time of stress and obligations for many. One way to overcome this obstacle is to take time at the beginning of the holiday season to write down what is actually important to you about the holidays. What are you hoping to get out of this time of year -maybe it is connecting with family, celebrating your faith, taking time to reflect on the year and set goals for the future, enjoying the cookies and carollers and twinkly lights. Whatever your reason, if you take the time beforehand to identify what matters to you about the holidays it can serve as your compass for designing a holiday season that highlights what is most important to you.

Take Time to Decompress

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year to see family and friends, but sometimes it can be very stressful or overwhelming when we have to attend multiple parties – holiday work parties, family gatherings, catching up with friends – in a short period of time. In order to deal with the stress of being pulled in too many directions, it can be helpful to ensure you have enough down time to yourself. It’s okay to take time to decompress over the holidays.

Focus on your Needs and Not Wants

Keep a balance between what you ‘need’ and what you ‘want’. While needs emerge from a process of looking within, wants usually are a result of us looking around. When we have an external focus, we may miss out on stuff that we really need. So if we can communicate with our inner selves and be realistic about it, we can achieve that balance and use the holidays to rejoice and replenish the energies we may need when we are back into the routine.

 Get Moving and have Fun!

With so many celebration, parties, and events, we all tend to overindulged during the Holidays. To balance this take some time to try to maintain regular healthy exercise habits. Do not set unrealistic goals of going to the gym on a daily basis, but make time for fun activities that get you moving. Go skating with friends, tobogganing with the kids, or have a snowball fight! Not only will your body feel better working off some to that food and drink, but it will also help reduce the inevitable holiday stress!

Take Care of Yourself!

Remember to take a time out of the craziness for self- care! Take a bubble bath, read a good book or watch a funny comedy!


Overall, remember that the holidays are supposed to be a time to celebrate with family and friends. When you find yourself overwhelmed or stressed try to take a minute to refocus on what’s really important about the season.